Being a single parent and having two children it was very nice to know about Helping Hands organisation and their services for children with autism spectrum disorders. My elder son Binoy started showing the symptoms of mental retardation at a very young age. When he started schooling, due to his behaviour, teachers used to beat him. Later, he stopped schooling and doctors at Trivandrum Medical College diagnosed him with Mental Retardation. There was no treatment available and it was very difficult to handle him when he gets aggressive at times. He hesitates to wear cloths and turns violent if he does not get what he demands which is always chips or sweets.
When I met Jolly Johnson, CEO of Helping Hands Organisation, it was the beginning of change in my Binoy’s life. They took him to H2O for daily behavioural, Speech and Music therapies and now he eats properly and interacts with others. He loves music and participating in various activities that are conducted at H2O.
A thank you is not enough to express my gratitude to H2O who made my Binoy socialize.

Shobana Shaji (Mother of a Child with ASD)
“A yellow colour brochure found at my office reception. That was my way to H2O. It was always in my thought to do
something for others and a reason to be a smile for them. From the next weekend onwards I was a member of the H2O Family.
It’s a place where people work with a single mind for the same purpose and cause. I always tried to be an active volunteer in
their weekend sessions for children with autism and under privileged kids, Sunday house visits for elderly aged people and fund
raising events. Alone we can’t change the world but together we can do a lot and I am proud to be one of the “Helping Hand”
among them. I met 8year old Ponnu during those Saturday sessions, who bites her forearms when she is idle but pays attention
when someone sings for her with slowly swaying her body. That was the only response she used to give us despite singing to her
all the time. To see that little change in her we sing to her the whole day! The days I spent with H2O will be one of the memories I will treasure for life.”

Sajna Ali (Volunteer, H2O)
H2O is not just a platform for helping people in need, but also a platform to learn many things. Many people asked me why I joined H2O, what I got from H2O and also why I spend my time and money on H2O. The answer could be a smile or a hug that I received from a differently abled child or the tears of joy that I saw on an elderly lady while serving her. Nothing else in the world can replace these experiences. H2O taught me many things like handling finance, dealing with other volunteers, organizing events, managing and delivering under pressure, etc. H2O was the major point of discussion during all of my job interviews where the companies were impressed with the initiatives of H2O and the work I did there. This resulted in both the companies offering me a job offer.
One experience I cherish the most is with Amal. He was a very hyper active boy and colud not be controlled. I sang relentlessly to him but he would not listen. Finally when I sang the song ‘Chaanjadi aadi’, he started hugging and kissing me. Later I realised that it was the song that his dad used to sang to him. His dad had passed away a few years ago. He is only eight years old and still remembers that. That experience made me cry. H2O changed my life. H2O is my family now, more than an NGO. I will stay connected to H2O throughout my life.

“H20 changed my life” (Pinchu Sabu, Volunteer, H2O)
‘’Feeling happy to see Devadutt in speeding up his daily routines he does. Also happy to see the different activities doing in the center including therapies and group sessions.’’

Devadutt’s grandma
“Very exciting and unbelievable to see Arya have changed a lot during last few months. I have been seeing her
from her childhood. But after regular training from H2O, have reduced greatly in her violent behavior at home with her mother and neighbor , also have greater emotional control than before.

Arya’s mother