What this program is about?

Pratheeksha, H2O’s program for underprivileged children, seeks to motivate and support the students in dreaming big and helping them achieve those dreams. We firmly believe a child’s socio-economic status is no barrier to the height of his or her dream. This program supports students in discovering and tapping his or her full potential with the help of parents, teachers and our volunteers, thus improving their academic and personal lives.

With Pratheeksha, we hope to increase the literacy level among underprivileged children, those who are physically challenged, the children of disabled parents and orphans.



Our intervention is focused on the following areas: school environment and teaching style, difficulties in learning, parental involvement, peer pressure, socio-economic status and motivation. We believe these areas play important roles in shaping the student’s life.

Volunteers identify the areas in which intervention is required and formulate a curriculum that would help the student during his or her Saturday session. Every volunteer is assigned one student so the children receive individual attention. The program, however, begins before the start of the academic year. H2O helps the students with the purchasing of books, other study material and bags.

Aside from helping them with their studies, we also teach them empathy by introducing them to our Sanjeevanni and Daffodils programs. The students spend time with the elderly and the differently abled. Their time with the children from the Daffodils program also helps the differently abled with social inclusion.

Volunteers meet with parents occasionally to discuss the child’s progress and establish a system through which the child can use the knowledge and values gained via the program at home.

Pratheeksha also holds annual events to benefit the children. Srishti is a two-day creative workshop seeking to explore any hidden talents in the children. H2O also organises a sports day, an annual trip and a movie screening. We also celebrate Christmas, New Year and Onam with the children. Medical check-ups and diary writing workshops are also held for the students.

We hope to provide the children with two pairs of clothes and one set of footwear every year.

How you can be a part?

Pratheeksha is a volunteer and sponsor-driven program. We monitor the education of 30 children. Education is a very powerful tool which shouldn’t be limited to a select few. You can join us as volunteers, mentoring the children or sponsor one of our trips.