Sanjeevani (Elderly Care Program)

H2O’s program for the elderly, Sanjeevani, currently covers 33 underprivileged senior citizens. Our volunteers visit them every week accompanied by a doctor and nurse to cater to their different needs, providing them with their daily medicine requirements and rehabilitation requirements, ensuring that their lives are a bit more comfortable than before H2O’s intervention.

ElderlyThis program is entirely volunteer and sponsor-driven and has been in action for over a decade even before the organization was launched. Volunteers also help with wound dressing, cleaning and bathing.

H2O provides the elderly with whatever they need at home from food to linen to clothing in addition to their medical needs.

Our weekly visits are conducted with the help of the Indian Medical Association. These routine visits with a doctor and two nurses has been of great help to H2O. The association has also provided H2O with an ambulance that facilitates these visits. 

H2O’s vision is to host a large medical camp that offers free check-ups and treatment to the elderly. We also hope to take those under our care for a trip to a theatre and other such trips to give them a break from their daily routine.

What you can do?

Donations and funds from our sponsors are our only sources to help meet the monetary requirements that come with this project. Expert medical opinions are vital for this program as is help and support from physiotherapists and psychologists.


Documents carrying profiles of everyone we cater to under this program are available for the public. You can join us in helping the elderly by either signing up as a program or session partner. You can also sponsor the occasional trips we organize for them.