Projects / Programs


1 . H2O Rehab & Facilitation Center

The Helping Hands Organisation’s Rehab & Facilitation Center was started in Feb 16th 2013 at our Karyavattom premises to address the needs of children between the ages of 2 and 9 years, keeping in mind the fact that, Early and intensive intervention can have a profound impact on the quality of life of both the children and their families. We believe that a well planned program can lead a child to greater independence, enable the child to be included in the community and offer the child a more productive and fulfilling life. We identify children with autism, through a screening program at our center after which they undergo a thorough check up at CDC, Medical College for assessing their deficiency and skills. With the advice of the experts in this field, we plan out the individual intervention programs. Our qualified and experienced therapists will thereafter deliver the best services possible.

Our Services

 Ocupational Therapy

 Physio Therapy

 Speech Therapy

 Behavioural Therapy

 Hydro Therapy

 Sensory Integration Therapy

 Music Therapy

 Special Education

 Pre-vocational Training

 Vocational Training

 Family Counselling


An active support network of parents to share the knowledge and experience they gained over the years and face the challenges together. Regular workshops and training programs are also arranged at our center.

Future development programs

Hydro therapy & Reflexology Theray will be introduced soon. We will be undertaking rehabilitation of Cerebral Palsy, Mentally Challenged, Attention Deficit Hyper Active Disorder, Dyslexia, Post-Polio Residual Paralysis, and Muscular Dystrophy affected children.

2. Sponsoring children for education

Over a decade, we were sponsoring children who are physically challenged, children of disabled parents or parentless children who are attending regular school. We provide support in education & other areas, viz., uniforms, books, food, clothing, medical care, special training and entertainment, Life skills development through art, sports training & workshops.

Periodic academic evaluations is carried out to ensure the efficiency of our intervention with the help of teachers. Once in a year, with a view to inculcate social and family values and to equip them with creative and educational values, residential camps are organized.

Classes on Civic awareness, character building, life skills , games, excursions etc. are organized at the residential camps on summer vacations.
We currently have 108 applications from nine schools from Sreekaryam Panchayat in our data base.

3. Sponsoring seniors

Elderly people who are bed-ridden are given special medical care, nutritional food supplement, clothing, cots, mattresses, wheelchairs, hearing aids, calipers etc wherever needed. We have been extending support to the elderly for the past twelve years. We have recieved 273 applications till date requesting support.

4. H2O library

H2O runs an extensive library which contains reading materials for the physically challenged, vision and hearing impaired & orphaned children,in and around Trivandrum city. A catalogue will be distributed and chidren can request the books they want to read twice in a month. The children will be given a library id and a notebook where they have to keep a brief of the books they read.

In order to motivate them to read, we conduct group reading sessions, workshops on literature by teachers and volunteers, movie shows, short skits and plays at regular intervals to impart the joys of literature.

Certificates will be awarded to the top 100 children who excel in diary writing.

5. H2O outlet

At the H2O outlet, we showcase the products made by the differently abled children in and around Kerala. We have a variety of hand crafted items like perfumed candles, jute bags, paintings, greeting cards, painted clay pots, paper bags, dolls, books, vases, trinkets, paper files, notebooks, chalks etc.

We envisage that a few of our children will be professionally employed to give training on making various items such as dolls, candles, greeting cards, books, flowers etc. for the inmates of other charitable organisations. This will help them to be self reliant.

The aim of the H2O outlet is to spread awareness in the community about the hidden talent and creativity of the differently-abled children and encourage them to harness their gifts for a higher purpose. We strive to bridge the gap between you and the less privileged and instill the spirit of charity and compassion towards the needy and hope that altruistic people come forward to support this noble cause in whatever capacity they can.

6. Supporting other Charitable Organizations

The selected organizations, on the basis of need analytic study, would be provided support in the specified area of activity. This includes capacity building, consultancy support, to mobilize funds for the programs from government and other sources, support for Infrastructure development, food, medicine, special education and exposure visits. We will be conducting training classes for organizational management, accountancy, documentation etc.

Various Disabilities