Orientation for the Anganwadi teachers

On the 20th of September, Helping Hands Organisation (H2O), along with its Programme Coordinator and Speech Therapist, conducted an Orientation for the Anganwadi teachers, on how to detect speech related disorders among children as early as possible. The orientation saw the representation of 5 Panchayats, with 178 teachers and 5 Panchayat heads participating. The talk, spearheaded by Vishnupriya M. S and Abhilash Thomas, our Speech Therapist and Programme Coordinator, involved orienting the participants about recognising symptoms of speech language issues and whom they should further direct them, for streamlined consultancy and therapy.

The teachers responded brilliantly to the orientation and were curious to know more. They also showed keen interest in cooperating with H2O and bringing in children with speech related disorders to our centre, for specialised treatment and therapy.

Seeing the numbers in participation and the enthusiasm of the participants, we have decided to hold a camp in the near future, getting into the more finer details of Speech Language Pathology and how to address them, especially among the underprivileged sections.

H2O is glad that it could bring together the Panchayats of Pothencode, Mangalapuram, Azhoor, Kadinamkulam and Andoorkonam and create an awareness around Speech and Language related issues. We look forward to more such events and working together for a brighter future of our differently abled children!