Onam 2017

When does Mavelli come forward? A typical answer would be at the time of injustice, ridicule and inequality. But all of us disregard the Mavelis of everyday. Can you be a Maveli? Do you have a strength to stand alone for the well being of the society acknowledging that it may, and possibly will, harbing your own Death?

Helping Hands Organisation is immensely happy as several Mavelis attended and participated our Onam celebrations on the 26th of August. These Mavelis didn’t come with magnificent clothing and bejewelled crowns. They were all like us. But had much more compassion, empathy and more than anything else acceptance for those who have been sidelined, always. It was indeed a heavenly moment that we all were waiting for, the morning Mahabali wanted to rise.

Helping hands Organisation is proud of its beneficiaries and volunteer’s support. It is also doing a kind of Mahabali’s work in the midst of ‘kicks’ and suppressions from Vamanas. It’s still in the path of spreading its wings and moving forward, which it is doing, everyday!