For over a decade now, H2O team members have been working for the welfare of the differently abled and underprivileged. Through periodic social visits, the immediate needs of bedridden and homeless destitute are taken care of by our volunteers who provide medical care and attend to their nutritional and emotional needs.

From a group of passionate people – to a grounded organization. The one motivating factor that led to the establishment of H2O was the passion to work for the upliftment and welfare of the downtrodden and neglected. We rallied our efforts to form one strong group working together to achieve greater goals.

Since its inception, the primary goal of H2O has been the execution of the 4 Point Program to support the children with Autism, the elderly and the underprivileged.

At H2O, we provide them with facility, support and counseling.

I want to make a contribution:

Facilitation centre

At H2O we have a dream, a dream to create a world with no differences, to create a world where our seniors and children are safe and to create a better place for everyone. Some dreams are difficult to realize by a small cloud of people, but the difficulties fade as people unite together beyond borders and states to form a massive cloud big enough to even cover the sun. Help us to make a good place to host the differently abled, underprivileged children and seniors in a good place and a better surroundings. For more details: Rehab Facilitation Centre

Sponsor a Child

Children are the citizens of tomorrow, the torch bearers of our country at a time when we are old and resting at our homes. But not all children have the good fortune to go to a school/college and make their dreams turn true. At H2O, we believe that no dreams should be left as dreams and no wishes should be left unfulfilled because these children may grow up to make history and this history could very well be something that people never forget. Be a part of that history, help a child reach his/her right destination and be the cause for their smile. For more details: Pratheeksha

Sponsor a senior

They looked after us when we were crawling and crying, they let us beat, pinch or bite them with a smile on their face, they willingly sacrificed their today for our tomorrow. So it’s our responsibility to see that their smiles never fades and it’s our duty to see that they are at peace when we are at an age to look after ourselves. For a change, be their guardian for a better life, because if they bless you then it will be something to cherish and that blessing could change your life forever. For more details: Elderly Care Program


H2O currently runs a library with reading material for children in Trivandrum city. The library contains reading material for the differently abled as well.

We hope to extend this into a full-fledged, well equipped system that caters to children to help them improve their reading skills and develop thinking. Children will be asked to write a brief about the books they have read so we can monitor their progress. This process will empower children to learn for themselves and teach others.

In order to motivate them to read, we will conduct group reading activities, workshops on literature by teachers and volunteers, movie screenings, theater and games. You can help by donating books or sponsoring book shelves. For improving our library please contact:

Tel: 91 471 3101999 , 91 9544171455

H2O Outlet

The aim of the H2O Outlet is to spread awareness about the hidden talent, skill and creativity of the differently abled children we help and to encourage them to harness their gifts for a higher purpose. At the Outlet, we showcase the products created by our children and their families – with displays of candles, jewelry, artwork, trinkets, stationery etc.

We hope that our children will be professionally employed to give training on creating various items to the children and inmates of other charitable organizations. Through this we strive to bridge the gap between you and the less privileged, and instill the spirit of charity and compassion towards those in need. For setting up an outlet or for purchasing our products please contact:

Tel: 91 471 3101999 , 91 9544171455

Sponsor an event

H2O, since its inception has made events which could bring to light the problems and the roadblocks faced by the differently abled and under previlaged children. Be a part of these events and help us make these events even bigger so together we can achieve a world with no differences. You can be a part of the event by being the title sponsors, sponsoring food and refreshment, transportation, venue  or  helping us to find suitable chief guests through references. For  associating with us please contact:

Tel: 91 471 3101999 , 91 9544171455

Donate Online:

Acc Name: Helping Hands Organisation
Acc No:  0379 0530 0001 0499
IFSC Code: SIBL 0000 379
Bank Name: The South Indian Bank Ltd
Branch: Kesavadasapuram






All Indians can make a donation by drawing a cheque in favour of Helping Hands Organisation and send to the following address:

H2O Rehab & Facilitation Centre For The Autistic
Charitham, 4/289, Karyavattom, Thiruvananthapuram: 695 581

Ph: 9544171455 0r 9446620941

Please ensure that you attach a cover note to the cheque stating your full name, e-mail, phone & full postal address to help us to issue and send across a receipt to you.