Disha ’17 – Trivandrum

DISHA, was conducting this time around the issue of Child Rights in Trivandrum. Held at Hassan Marikar Hall on the 26th of March, 2017, the debating session saw close to 80 participants, discussing the effective implementation of child rights laws and awareness programmes in Trivandrum district.

Fr. Joye James, Head of Kerala Child Rights Observatory (KeCRO) and key administrative officer of Loyola college of Social Sciences, along with District Child Protection Officer, Subair K. K and Kunnukuzhy Ward Counselor, I.P. Binu were our panelists. They were also joined by Dr. Pramod, a teacher and social worker and A.P. Prejeesh, an avid debater and speaker, who was also the moderator for the day.

Much was discussed about rights and abuse, among children in Trivandrum, given the rate of increase in child sexual abuse and marriage cases. While Fr. Joye told our participants about the various avenues through which they could effectively help, CPO Subair gave the audiences and participants immense insight into existing rights and how it has been difficult to get people, not just families but even independent organisations, aware about the various programmes present to protect and promote children’s rights.

The debating session ended with Jolly Johnson, Chief Executive Director of H2O, asking students to take an active initiative to learn further about these issues and be proactive in affecting and implementing policies, being from sections of privilege. The event was also successful in garnering new volunteers into the H2O family – adding more to the existing 1500 volunteer base that it already has in its home district, Trivandrum.

Disha is a debating session that encourages college students to discuss, debate and decipher issues of current socio-civic concern, in front of a panel of local governing members and experts, directly pushing the authority to affect policy effectively, around these issues.