CMCA Club Launch at Sree Narayana Public School

At SNPS, this was the beginning of the ‘CHANGE’ they want to see around them. Well, these young learners not only ‘THINK THEY CAN, THEY KNOW THAT THEY CAN… And this launch gave them the opportunity to declare that.

The children led ‘Civic Club’ was launched in Sree Narayana Public School Chenkottukonam, on 22nd Sept, 2017 under the guidance, support and supervision of CMCA Team of Helping Hands Organisation. This is their first year with Helping Hands Organisation as a partner school for implementing its CMCA programme.

H2O has been running the Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness across Trivandrum from past five years now, in partnership with a Bangalore based organisation called CMCA – to influence and inculcate in our young minds, a deep understanding and commitment to the ideals of our democracy.

The event was based on the theme ‘SAVE TRESS’ and the civic club members very precisely and clearly conveyed the message that how important it is to have trees for the existence of life on earth – through a skit on the mentioned theme.

As the good practice and tradition goes, it was all prepared and conducted by the Civic Club Members of the school (students of 8th C section). The CMCA Badges were also distributed to all the Civic Club Members by the Special Guest, Mr Kariavattom Sreekantan Nair (a renowned poet, singer and playwright), School’s Principal and H2O’s CMCA programme team.

It was a moment of pride when each and every child in the assembly took the CMCA Oath to become a responsible citizen and contribute to nation-building.

Mr Sreekantan Nair appreciated the civic club members for choosing such a relevant theme ‘Save Trees’, which requires immediate attention by all citizens and civic beings because a lot of destructions – of natural resources, are happening around us in the name of development. He emphasized that we all must think of our future generations and then adequately use and protect these natural resources.

Ms Jolly Johnson, Founder – H2O, spoke about her organisation and invited everyone from the school to H2O’s Autism Rehabilitation Centre at Menamkulam – to go through a life changing humble experience. Her persona and speech motivated all the young minds to become more empathetic and concerned human beings and come forward to provide become helping hands for those who need our support, love and affection.

The Principal of the school declared in the assembly that the school administration feels proud to join hands with H2O for such a noble cause of creating civic awareness among the children.